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“I write books about worlds we need to live in.”



Jeffrey L. Cheatham II's passion for storytelling was evident from his days as a student at Seattle's John Muir Elementary School, where every written assignment he submitted was in the form of a story or comic. From that point on, he has been a passionate and ardent supporter of all things literary, even going so far as to co-produce Seattle's first-ever record-breaking Urban Book Expo. A single dad, Cheatham currently lives in Seattle with his 8-year-old daughter, Josilyn, Future Writer and President of Cheatham Publishing, Inc.




J.L. Cheatham II took his 4-year-old daughter to the Tukwila Barnes & Noble to find her a book about her newest obsession—dinosaurs. Once they got to the kids’ section, he noticed something: There were plenty of books about dinosaurs, but on “all the covers,” Cheatham tells me, “there were no black or brown faces.” He decided then and there to write his daughter a dinosaur book starring kids who look like her. After months of research, Cheatham published his first book: The Family Jones and the Eggs of Rex…

“We create worlds” – a commission and a solemn responsibility. Almost a decree.  From a young age, it’s this magic and power that drew him in.  

Jeff “Jay” Cheatham II, founder of the Seattle Urban Book Expo (SUBE), recalls stories of good vs. evil, villains and heroes, comic book dramas, and even televised wrestling as early influencers of his voice as a writer today.  

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We need to cultivate this bubbling artistic atmosphere that’s going on here in Seattle
— Jay The Author
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